Store now open for orders – All systems go at IngolWorks!

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It’s finally time, the store is open!

It’s been quite a journey to get this far. A few hurdles with stock arriving late, or arriving damaged, and a stern word with a supplier or two. Yet, at last, the shelves stocked high, products photographed, and postage figured out. With that, now comes the part where we can finally open the store! Can’t thank the folks over at A5OC for the support and encouragement so far.

I hope our initial lineup has something you might enjoy. Although it’s not a huge list, but humble beginnings right? Besides all that, here’s what we have on offer:

  • Dynamic sweeping indicators for B8, 8.5, and B9 vehicles. That includes all sorts, A3s to SQ5s and a bunch inbetween.
  • Finally, shiny metal pedal sets for RHD A/S5s! Including the footrest. Manual sets to come soon.
  • I know a lot of folk have been desperate for a pair of these, honeycomb fog light grilles for B8 S-Line/S5s. Available in black or silver trim.
  • Something to shine up your interior, keyhole trims. Perfect for RHD A5s and similar, available in steel and carbon fibre designs.
  • Pure white interior LED sets, including a set of license plate bulbs.

With the store now open, you can place your orders for products like this carbon fibre keyhole cover.

Something you wanted but can’t find? Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do for you. In the coming months you can expect our product lineup to grow. For cosmetics, think carbon fibre interiors, boot spoilers, and wing mirrors. For performance, you might see some wheel spacers and oil catch cans around here soon.

There’s free UK shipping on everything, however, if you’re shopping from outside the UK please get in touch before placing your order.

Poke us on WhatsApp (+447926601145), Facebook or Instagram, or good old email ([email protected]). Look forward to hearing from you all!